Single Sign-on (SSO) to Apps with SAASPASS Two-factor Authentication

SAASPASS Single Sign-on (SSO) provides two-factor authentication for multiple applications at once. SAASPASS Single Sign-on internally stores and translates multiple authentication processes on behalf of a user for a simple and seamless login.

SAASPASS Single Sign-On is great for users because it minimizes the need to memorize passwords and eliminates time spent entering login credentials. SAASPASS SSO is more secure because passwords are less likely to be written down or shared and is always activated with the easiest to use two-step verification.

SAASPASS Single Sign-On is great for enterprises because it reduces costly password reset and IT help desk time waste related to authentication. Since employees typically use multiple applications at work, SSO creates a one-step launch for many computers. You can also log in from the mobile device and tablets using SSO with two-factor authentication using On Device Login.

SAASPASS Single Sign-On is supported on a number of smartphones and tablets: iPhones, iPads, Androids, Android tablets and many others. You can set-up Single Sign-On for many applications (including Google Apps) without any coding in less than 5 minutes.

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