Scan Barcode, Instant Login with SAASPASS Provides Simple and Strong Two-factor Authentication

  • Increased Security
  • Decreased Friction
  • No Manual Typing

Scan Barcode, a member of the Instant Login family of products, provides simple and quick two-factor authentication. Scan Barcode allows users to login to services and websites that produce a SAASPASS readable barcode. By scanning a barcode, users login instantly to services or devices that support this format.

Users can also unlock computers with Scan Barcode and Computer Login by downloading the SAASPASS Desktop Connector. SAASPASS Computer Login works with Scan Barcode to secure personal computers, or firm desktops secured with active directory.

Scan Barcode is a simple and quick way to authenticate users to websites, applications and desktop computers with two-factor authentication.

Scan barcode is available on iPhones, Android phones and Blackberry 10 phones. Scan barcode is also available on most iPads, Windows, and Android tablets.