Prevent Ransomware Attacks with Strong Security and Two-Factor Authentication

turn on 2fa

Ransomware is the fastest growing attack-vector targeting all sorts of companies, institutions and organizations and one of the easiest ways to prevent most such attacks is by adopting SAASPASS two-factor authentication. Ransomware is the new black. No company is immune to this threat as the cyberattackers can demand money from companies and institutions of all sizes including Not-for-profits, NGOs and even one-person startups. Ransomware is the digital version of mafia demands for protection money or a modern adaptation of the troll demanding a toll to pass the digital bridge. Most ransomware gain access through hijacking static passwords and the best way to mitigate against such attacks is to adopt stronger security and SAASPASS two-factor authentication including other best practices.

Adopt strong security to avoid the extortionary demands of the new digital bandits.