SAASPASS Mobile Authentication

SAASPASS two-factor authentication software provides mobile authentication on the go. Mobile transactions are increasingly pervasive and require integrated frictionless authentication. SAASPASS secures actions on your phone, and uses your phone to secure actions on other external devices like your office or home computer.

SAASPASS secures your mobile and the world around you. Process mobile payments, login to your work desktop, even unlock doors with SAASPASS mobile authentication.

SAASPASS mobile software is the solution to mobile authentication everywhere. Many desktop authentication molds simply do not translate to mobile and most attempts to strengthen security do not utilize the pervasiveness of handheld devices.

SAASPASS leverages the mobile device itself to seamlessly secure authentication. The SAASPASS enterprise integration can layer two-factor authentication seamlessly into sign in for Google Apps, OWA, IBM Tivoli, Salesforce, Citrix, Checkpoint, Juniper and F5 system applications.