Secure Educational Institutions and Google Apps with Two-factor Authentication

iphone with one time password

Two-factor authentication provides strong, reliable security for universities and educational institutions. Schools and universities can implement SAASPASS to identify and grant access to staff, teachers and students.

Secure websites, cloud platforms, and office applications like Google Apps or Enterprise Dropbox with two-factor authentication. Internal custom applications may also be secured with SAASPASS two-factor authentication, simply ask your office admin to setup an account with SAASPASS. Integration is quick and simple.

University library or staff computers can implement SAASPASS Computer Login to unlock desktop access with Instant Login (Scan Barcode or Proximity) or one-time passwords from the SAASPASS app. To implement, download the SAASPASS app on a mobile device and download the SAASPASS Computer Connector file from on any computer that you would like to secure.

The SAASPASS app will provide two-factor authentication to any integrated application, device or website. The app is available on nearly every device available today: iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Blackberrys and Java ME feature phones.

With confidential student files and cutting edge research to worry about, two-factor authentication makes sense for any school.