Secure 2FA Login of your Windows PC Computer with Two-Factor Authentication with Lock & Unlock

*Microsoft Surface is not supported yet.

The SAASPASS Windows PC Computer Connector will work on any personal/individual computer or on any computer networked with active directory.

The SAASPASS Computer Connector can be downloaded on computers running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 to securely unlock your computer and then enable and access SSO to applications once logged in.

For Individual/Personal Computers

To setup: Individual users may download the SAASPASS app on a mobile device and pair their device easily with the computer download.

To use: Unlock your computer with Instant Login (Scan Barcode and Remote Login) or a one-time password from the ‘Computer Login’ section on the main menu. Do not use a code from the main menu one-time password, use the ‘Computer Login’ code.

Download the browser extensions for logging into your personal accounts without any manual entry:

*Domain Computers (Active Directory / AD / LDAP)

Setup: Computers in an active domain LDAP/AD, should download the Computer Connector on every device to be secured. Active Directory connection string, user names and SAASPASS IDs should be submitted through the Admin portal by an admin.

Usage: Users may login to any computer on the active directory network and gain access to their appropriate credentials and applications. Users may unlock with Instant Login (Scan Barcode and Remote Login) or a one-time password from the SAASPASS main menu (Domain users should get their one-time password from the main menu of the SAASPASS app at the top, NOT the Computer Login code.)

Either way it’s the same download :) We welcome feedback on SAASPASS Computer Login-- if you have any thoughts, send us an email at