"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke


Now, for the first time ever, Strong Security doesn’t have to mean extra effort and extra steps. SAASPASS offers the industry leading solution for passwordless security, which allows the same level of security and then some as traditional security solutions involving the use of Dongles, Keyfobs and One-Time Passwords generated from an app, while stripping away all of the extra steps typically associated with stronger security. In fact the process becomes so seamless it’s even easier than the standard username/password we have all become accustomed to. Integration takes a matter of minutes for applications like Google Business Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox and tens of other enterprise services. Additionally SAASPASS is architected to not only be for online and virtual worlds, but for the physical as well. This begins with being able to unlock physical PCs, with seamless 2FA. Your machine can unlock on your approach or at the click of a button. Additionally, with an easy API, one can integrate it into connected door locks and central locking systems, banishing physical access cards to the dustbin of history.


SAASPASS is a two-factor authentication solution that replaces static passwords with encrypted images and Proximity (wireless BLE) waves to use dynamic, ever changing credentials that can unlock computers, doors or login to websites and cloud applications. SAASPASS can secure personal computers, websites, applications, standalone enterprise software or cloud services like Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and any VPN application utilizing RADIUS. SAASPASS makes strong authentication simple for users, developers and admins.

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June 23-2015 - Howard Schmidt Logs in as Chairman of SAASPASS Board of Directors

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