Two-factor Authentication for Government Entities and Agencies

iphone with one time password

Two-factor authentication ensures robust government system security. Citizens expect consistency and protection from government offices and reliable and secure systems are essential to the maintenance of this reputation.

Websites, web platforms or applications used by municipalities and public agencies-- like Google Apps or Microsoft 365-- can be secured in less than five minutes with no coding. Custom made apps can also be secured with SAASPASS.

Websites, applications and internal office computers can all implement two-factor authentication with SAASPASS. Single computers, or networked computers organized with active directory, can use SAASPASS Computer Login to authorize desktop access. Computer Login uses Instant Login (Scan Barcode or Proximity) or one-time passwords from the SAASPASS app to authenticate users.

Whether an office is entirely smartphone equipped or just looking to improve upon existing systems, SAASPASS provider two-factor authentication through an app available on all devices on the market today: iPhones, Android phones, Blackberrys and Java ME feature phones. Government-level security is available in any municipal system with SAASPASS.