Securing and Authenticating the Internet of Things

SAASPASS authenticates and secures different objects within the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT bridges the digital and the physical worlds and SAASPASS merges identity management from both to secure identities, applications and objects within this interconnected web.

SAASPASS solves IoT security and identity management concerns by always providing two-factor authentication through mobile devices, barcode scans and bluetooth low energy (BLE). SAASPASS Proximity with BLE runs invisibly in the background and coordinates identities, interactions and objects with IoT ecosystems.

SAASPASS secures not only obvious digital IoT components like mobile applications and email, but physically integrated items like cars, health wearables, offices and homes. The SAASPASS platform is flexible enough to bring the strong security of office email into a place you surely want strong security--your home.

We need SAASPASS two-factor authentication security to safely integrate practical functionality within the dynamic Internet of Things.