Mobile Applications

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Browser Extensions


Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari coming soon.

Desktop Clients

WARNING:If your Computer is a domain bound/Active Directory Company computer, please make sure your admin has signed up as a Company for SAASPASS. Also if you have a Microsoft ID on Windows 10 do not download it as it currently does not support it. If you are a Mac user, make sure you know your short username and your password. If you do proceed, you risk being locked out.

Download the connector version appropriate for your Windows OS version.For best results the Windows8+ version is recommended , however in cases where the upgrade of the OS is not possible you may use the Windows7 version.

macOS Download
Windows8 and Server2012 and later (Windows NT6.2+) Download
Windows7 and Server2008 R2 (Windows NT6.1) Download
Mac OS X FileVault Users Download


El Capitan Patch Download
Mac OS X FileVault Users Download

Secure Single Sign-On Client

macOS Connector Lite Download

macOS Proximity Agent

macOS Proximity Agent Download

Linux & Unix SSH Module

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SAASPASS AD AgentDownload