Two-factor Authentication for Publishing Companies’ Internal and Client Facing Applications

iphone with one time password

SAASPASS two-factor authentication secures websites, applications and computers for companies in the publishing industry. Two-factor authentication with SAASPASS secures applications that manage your work, be it custom in-house apps or broadly used applications like Google Apps.

Many publishers use cloud products to manage work and submissions. Secure access to cloud services like Dropbox for enterprises with two-factor authentication in less than five minutes, with no coding.

Individual computers or networked systems organized with active directory can be secured and unlocked with SAASPASS Computer Login. Computer Login uses Instant Login (Scan Barcode or Proximity) or a one-time password from the SAASPASS app to unlock a desktop instantly. The app is available on virtually every mobile device today: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Blackberrys and feature Java ME phones.

Publishers, secure your applications and data with two-factor authentication from SAASPASS.