Two-factor Authentication for Healthcare and Cloud-based Health Data

iphone with one time password

Two-factor authentication for hospitals, doctors, patients and insurance providers is simple with SAASPASS.

Two-factor authentication for medical and health applications secures access to confidential health records. Public platform applications like Google Apps, and custom in-house applications can both implement two-factor authentication. As the industry migrates to cloud-storage, secure cloud-access with SAASPASS.

Secure office or hospital computers with SAASPASS Computer Login. Single computers, or computers networked with active directory, can implement SAASPASS to unlock desktops with Instant Login (Scan Barcode or Proximity) or one-time passwords from the SAASPASS app.

The SAASPASS app works in tandem with any secured applications. SAASPASS is available on nearly every device on the market today: iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, Android phones, Android tablets and Java ME devices.

Doctors, hospitals and insurance providers face increasingly complex technology needs for cloud applications and data. SAASPASS secures doctors and patients so they can focus on health.