Prevent Man-in-the-Mobile Attacks with Two-factor Authentication from SAASPASS

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Prevent Man-in-the-Mobile Attacks with Two-factor Authentication from SAASPASS. As phone technology has evolved, Man-in-the-Mobile attacks have become incredibly sophisticated. Many attacks leverage complex phone functionality by loading malware directly onto mobile phones.

SAASPASS is Resistant to Man-in-the-Phone Attacks. Man-in-the-phone attacks can capture one-time passwords sent via SMS text message. SAASPASS one-time passwords are offline and generated ad-hoc, relieving any vulnerability to man-in-the-phone interference.

Unbeknownst to a mobile user, a hacker can access and manipulate mobile functionality such as email, message, call or banking applications. Since so much of what we do is mobile, steps to mitigate this potential threat are paramount.

SAASPASS is resistant to man-in-the-mobile attacks. SAASPASS one-time passwords are offline, time-generated and ad-hoc, truly relieving vulnerability to man-in-the-mobile interference.

Because of its out-of-band, dual network structure SAASPASS two-factor authentication provides robust protection against today’s attacks and the attacks of tomorrow.