Two-factor authentication for Ecommerce Websites, Applications and Client Checkout

iphone with one time password

Secure your ecommerce website with two-factor authentication from SAASPASS. For ecommerce websites, protecting customer data is tied closely with reputation. Secure your website, application and infrastructure with smooth and simple two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication from SAASPASS can be easily integrated with any ecommerce website or application. Internally, SAASPASS can secure public platforms like Google Apps in minutes. Custom ecommerce applications or platforms can all integrate SAASPASS for custom apps.

Individual computers, or networked computers organized with active directory can integrate two-factor authentication with SAASPASS Computer Login. To unlock a desktop with a mobile device, SAASPASS uses Instant Login (Proximity or Scan Barcode) or a one-time password produced by the SAASPASS app.

Increase your customer conversion rate by speeding up checkout with Instant Registration. With Instant Registration, customers can use predefined profiles to register and login to sites with one step.

The SAASPASS app is available on virtually every mobile device today: iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Blackberrys and feature Java ME phones.