Cloud-based Two-Factor Authentication by SAASPASS

SAASPASS provides cloud-based two-factor authentication to sign into applications and devices anywhere securely. Secure your Google Apps account (Gmail for business) or Dropbox for Business account, or multiple enterprise on-premise applications with SAASPASS two-factor authentication.

SAASPASS offers all the benefits of cloud-based systems and furnishes tremendous cost-savings alongside SaaS ease of use. SAASPASS outlines integrations for numerous cloud applications and streamlines employee and customer onboarding. SAASPASS also helps companies meet compliance requirements.

All of the attendant problems of on-premise clunky authentication systems are resolved with SAASPASS. There is no legacy software, no cumbersome upgrade cycles and no external hardware to manage.

Classic on-premise two-factor authentication systems have traditionally been a burden to manage, onboard and use. In contrast, the SAASPASS mobile app is so synced with human behavior, that everyone will actually want to stay engaged and secure.

SAASPASS embraces the Bring Your Own Device movement and passes the cost-savings straight to your bottom line. We offer more than one-time passwords for people to login instantly without ever manually typing in those annoying changing digits.