iPhone Two-factor Authentication App

SAASPASS is a two-factor authentication iPhone app. SAASPASS technologies are functional on iPhone 4s, or later, devices and iOS 6 and later systems. SAASPASS two-factor authentication Instant Login can work in three ways: Scan Barcode, Proximity, and one time passwords.

The SAASPASS iPhone app can also work in tandem with SAASPASS Computer Login to secure a desktop computer. Individual computers or desktops networked with active directory are candidates for Computer Login. The SAAPASS iPhone app can unlock your desktop in three ways: Scan Barcode, Proximity and one-time passwords.

SAASPASS Instant Login with Proximity is made especially for iPhones with BLE technology and authenticates or unlocks your computers based on the location of your cell phone.

SAASPASS supports 32-bit and 64-bit architecture, which includes fifth generation iPods and later.

iphone with one time password