SAASPASS Security Token and the latest Two-Factor Authentication

SAASPASS security tokens provide both traditional and modern means of two-factor authentication. SAASPASS security tokens include traditional, stand alone one-time passwords as well as more modern utilizations of location proximity, barcode scans and remote button access.

SAASPASS security tokens can be used in five ways:

  • Proximity utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to authenticate when your phone is in range of your computer without inputting text and remembering passwords
  • Scan Barcode uses the smartphone's camera to scan a barcode and allows for two-factor authentication without inputting text and remembering passwords
  • One-Time Passwords can be generated by the SAASPASS app to make two-factor authentication possible from even basic, feature phones
  • Remote Login allows users to open an application remotely from a button in the mobile app
  • On Device Login allows users to open a secured application in the browser of a mobile device or a tablet
  • Mobile App authentication allows for two-factor authentication (2FA) without the need of manually inputting text and one-time passcodes and remembering passwords. It is extreme convenience coupled with security.

With SAASPASS, 2FA is easy and can be done without typing usernames and passwords. SAASPASS Proximity, Scan Barcode, Remote Login and On Device Login are security tokens that provide authentication securely and instantly, without manually typing anything.

SAASPASS security tokens are available on a number of mobile platforms ranging from iPhones, iPads and Androids, to Blackberrys, Windows and Java ME devices.