Password strength with Two-Factor Authentication


Password strength requirements has meant choosing a strong static password and that has befuddled users for years. Password strength increases when a users chooses a non-phrasal, difficult-to-remember series of numbers, symbols, and lower and uppercase letters. Of course this makes passwords difficult to remember!

To create password strength admins have asked users to include in their passwords: symbols, capital and lowercase letters and numbers -- all of which have tired and exasperated users.

Not surprisingly, maintaining unique and strong passwords at multiple sites is quite difficult. If users are able to create what they think is a strong code, they often reuse it with multiple sites -- leaving each site vulnerable to the compromise of others.

No matter how complex (and difficult to remember) your combination is, it will never be as strong as a randomly generated one-time password. With SAASPASS, strong dynamic codes are always provided to present the strongest authentication possible.