Replace Password Policies with SAASPASS Two-Factor Authentication

Password policies have become outrageous and can be replaced with SAASPASS two-factor authentication. Good policies command that users change passwords regularly, insert symbols and numbers, and sometimes include more than 19 characters. Some policies require quarterly or bi-monthly updates, which is a cumbersome task for busy employees and huge point of friction for potential customers.

Password policies are applied to make passwords less guessable and to avoid passphrases, or personal phrases, like GOPATRIOTS. Phrases are susceptible to Dictionary Attacks and tailored personal expressions relative to the life of a user are easily guessed. With the amount of information available about you on the internet (where you are from, where you went to school) protect yourself by sidestepping static passwords.

Strong static passwords are easy to forget. Forgotten passwords require more resets. Even when remembered, strong passwords are rarely siloed and are often found repeated at multiple sites. Even if you implement strong controls at your site, password reuse/fatigue creates a problem when the compromise of another site affects yours.

With SAASPASS you can throw away your password policy. Implementing SAASPASS avoids static passwords everywhere.

  • no CAPITAL or lowercase letter requirements
  • no *&@$ symbol requirements
  • no length requirements
  • no requirements to change your password every 90 days

SAASPASS integrates seamless two-factor authentication into Google Apps and other personal and enterprise solutions to simplify the user and admin experience and exponentially strengthen security.