Two-factor Authentication for Financial Services, Finance Cloud Computing

iphone with one time password

Two-factor authentication for financial firms secures accounts, applications and internal systems. SAASPASS provides strong security for financial employees and their clients.

SAASPASS secures in house and web-based applications with two-factor authentication. Whether your firm uses platforms like Microsoft 365 or Google Apps, or custom made apps, SAASPASS security works everywhere. By delegating authentication to SAASPASS, financial firms can rest assured that users are who they are.

Internal infrastructure for financial institutions can also be secured with two-factor Computer Login. SAASPASS Computer Login uses two-factor authentication to unlock company computers secured with active directory.

SAASPASS works with the SAASPASS app to secure websites, cloud platforms, infrastructure and other applications. The SAASPASS app is available on nearly every device on the market today: iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Android tablets, Blackberrys and Java ME feature phones.

Security concerns are essential to the reputation of your financial institution. Keep your clients and employees secure with SAASPASS.