Quick Sign up

Sign up has historically been a frustrating component of user engagement on the web and physical world, often turning away potential users or customers. Companies have tried to simplify sign up to reduce bounce rates, but the process persists because firms still need, even at the very least, a username and password.

Traditional form fillers function without two-factor authentication and are susceptible to a number of vectors that can include Man-in-the Middle and Man-in-the-Browser type attacks. Further, traditional form fillers do not remove the hassle and time-loss of password resets.

To remove friction everywhere, SAASPASS combines:

  • - Dynamic password generation
  • - Automated sign up
  • - Automated form filling

Eliminate the hassle of password resets, remove signup friction and enhance the user experience with SAASPASS. Streamlining sign up is a sure-fire way to increase user engagement and customer conversion. SAASPASS Instant Registration combines automated sign up with strong, two-factor authentication.