Login Simply and Securely

SAASPASS provides an amazingly simple approach to login by utilizing the advancements in mobile computing and smartphones. SAASPASS has made the whole login process a joy to use and super convenient for the end-user. Using SAASPASS, end-users can login instantly and without inputting or typing any username and passwords. In addition, SAASPASS adds two-factor authentication that runs in the background always. In addition, SAASPASS mitigates against many of the attack vectors that plague existing login systems that employ traditional two-factor authentication and one-time passwords.

Traditionally, login has referred to the submission of a static username and password. More recently, however, computer login security has been forced to respond to infrastructure threats and increasing internet capabilities.

Usernames are gradually being replaced by email addresses and passwords are evolving to require numbers, symbols, and capital and lowercase letters. Password requirements are so complex that they are hard to remember, duplicated in multiple places, and are often requested to be reset to avoid their purpose.

These days a static username and password no longer ensures secure login, if it ever did. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is evolving to replace usernames and passwords. But traditional 2FA systems are clunky, cumbersome and awful to use. SAASPASS has solved the dilemma of instituting stronger security without the harrowing user experience of typing in dynamic passwords. Login with SAASPASS to verify your identity and never remember a username or password again.

SAASPASS users can login without typing usernames and passwords with the following types of two-factor authentication:

  • Proximity utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to authenticate when your phone is in range of your computer without inputting text and remembering passwords
  • Scan Barcode uses the smartphone's camera to scan a barcode and allows for two-factor authentication without inputting text and remembering passwords
  • One-Time Passwords can be generated by the SAASPASS app to make two-factor authentication possible from even basic, feature phones
  • Remote Login allows users to open an application remotely from a button in the mobile app
  • On Device Login allows users to open a secured application in the browser of a mobile device or a tablet
  • Mobile App authentication allows for two-factor authentication (2FA) without the need of manually inputting text and one-time passcodes and remembering passwords. It is extreme convenience coupled with security.