SAASPASS Two-Factor Authentication and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

SAASPASS two-factor authentication can be used on company issued mobile phones or on personal devices as part of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement. Companies can implement SAASPASS to allow employees and consultants to use BYODs to access firm applications securely while saving on company issued devices. Policies that allow employees to use personal devices in a professional setting save practical and logical costs related to device distribution, maintenance and refurbishment.

Authentication via personal device leverages the fact that people are nearly always in arm’s reach of their mobile device. Placing logistical responsibilities on employees makes economic sense without sacrificing the security of company control. All company applications are controlled solely by the company administrators.

With easy onboarding, firms can implement two-factor authentication with SAASPASS to manage employee access to secure enterprise applications on BYODs.

Applications like Google Apps, Salesforce, OWA and more can be secured seamlessly with SAASPASS two-factor authentication on any personal device.

SAASPASS in a BYOD environment works on a number of mobile platforms that include iPhones, iPads, Android, Java ME and Blackberry.

iphone with one time password