SAASPASS Tokens are Superior to Two-Factor Authentication Hardware Tokens

Security tokens have historically been hardware-based, but the SAASPASS solution leverages existing devices to avoid extra hardware. Hard tokens ignore implicit user habits and create undue burdens for users and their admins.

Hard token total cost of ownership (TCO) is a considerable multiple of the hardware’s additional, nominal cost. The TCO can multiply up to ten times over the span of five years when you factor in the cost of network admin time for provisioning, distribution and upkeep. Hard tokens require admins to manually distribute tokens to users, record and maintain device assignments, and replace lost or expired hardware. Administration headaches abound as employees come and go. With SAASPASS everything can be self-service.

The SAASPASS admin portal centralizes user access and distributes security software on existing hardware that users are sure to keep close: their mobile devices. Experience paradise on earth.