Secure Sign-on with SAASPASS Two-factor Authentication

SAASPASS Secure Sign-on is a secure form of Single Sign-on (SSO) with two-factor authentication always enabled and running seamlessly in the background. Secure Sign-on works without the annoyingness (a word that should exist for entering static username and passwords) of ever inputting usernames and one-time passwords.

Enjoy peace of mind, ease of use, and the convenience of constantly enabled two-factor authentication.

All SAASPASS Instant Login products support Secure Sign-on. Secure Sign-On is always effortless, it works with the ease of scanning a barcode, or the simplicity of being in the proximity of your computer, or by simply pressing a button on your app for On Device Login.

Say hello to the easier to use and always-on secure Single Sign-on. Secure Sign-on is supported on a number of smartphones and tablets: iPhones, iPads, Androids, Android tablets and many others. You can set-up Secure Sign-on for many applications (including Google Apps) without any coding in less than 5 minutes.