Integrate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Secure Login into iPhone,iPad and Apple Watch apps with our iOS SDK

You can integrate SAASPASS two-factor authentication (2FA) into any iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch app with our iOS SDK.

You can add SAASPASS for both internal enterprise apps or systems. You can also integrate it for externally facing apps and you can customize the whole workflow with the iOS SDK. Adding the ready code to expedite the process of safeguarding your employees and users takes less than 10 minutes.

You can offer the world's easiest-to-use secure login with two-factor authentication (2FA) based on randomly generated numbers for all your mobile apps with SAASPASS. In fact, SAASPASS brings incredible usability to logging in securely with multi-factor authentication (MFA) into apps in multiple fundamentally ground-breaking manners. You can launch the mobile app from within the SAASPASS mobile app OR you can just press a button on the SAASPASS app OR even from the convenience of 3D Touch without even launching the app!

You can even authenticate yourself with just your Touch ID (fingerprint) or PIN and have SAASPASS automatically enter your randomly generated number (one-time password) for you in the background. Unparalleled secure logging in with the magic touch of your finger (wand not necessary).