Compliance with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171 with Multi & Two Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA)

You can use SAASPASS offline multi-factor authentication capabilities to achieve compliance with DFARS/NIST SP 800-171

One of the compliance line items for most DoD contractors by December 31st 2017, is to enforce or place on their Plan of Actions and Milestones is offline multi-factor authentication. True offline capabilities only work with SAASPASS. SAASPASS and it's offline solution for Windows clients, in an elegant and simple manner with ease of implementation.

If you have employees, who may be at government sites or other locations where they may have their company laptops, but not their smartphone or internet access, SAASPASS works as an offline solution for their laptops can work in these situations with OTP hardware key with a digital readout, or products like YubiKey as well.