SAASPASS One-time Passcodes for Two-Factor Authentication

SAASPASS provides one-time passcodes for two-factor authentication. One-time Passcodes, OTPs, or one-time passwords can be generated with the SAASPASS mobile app on any smartphone, feature phone or tablet. (Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and Java ME are supported).

With SAASPASS, one-time passcodes are submitted and verified at every login. This process happens automatically, or it can be done manually to supplement an existing username and password as SAASPASS covers the gamut of authentication options today. Implement traditional One-time Passcodes or more modern SAASPASS Instant Login (Scan Barcode, Proximity, or Remote Login) to submit one-time passcodes.

SAASPASS provides One-time Passcodes for almost all the phones on the market today.