Two-Factor Authentication and Bluetooth (BLE)

SAASPASS Proximity uses Bluetooth (BLE) technology to securely authenticate users to computers and applications with two-factor authentication.

SAASPASS uses Bluetooth technology to securely login to computers and applications instantly without typing in usernames, passwords and randomly generated numbers. SAASPASS Proximity coordinates approval between a user’s phone and their computer-- allowing the mobile device to provide the second factor in two-factor authentication.

SAASPASS coordinates Bluetooth’s exceptional capacity to exchange data over small distances with short wave transmissions.

Once you have logged into your computer with SAASPASS Proximity, enterprise applications can be made available in an SSO (Single Sign-on) format.

SAASPASS BLE based two-factor authentication is currently available on iPhones, iPads and on Apple Mac computers.

SAASPASS works with all new Macs

  • 2011 MacBook Air or newer
  • 2012 MacBook Pro or newer
  • 2012 iMac or newer
  • 2011 Mac mini or newer
  • 2013 Mac Pro