Sharing Center - Share Access & Accounts without sharing Passwords

You can share access to websites, accounts and company applications with employees, third parties, external consultants and teams without sharing passwords (and even Authenticator codes).

All you have to do as a company admin is import a service to the Sharing Center and then pick the individuals you want to share with. The Sharing Center is available for all the following types of services:

  • Websites with passwords (requires a browser extension)
  • Websites with passwords & Authenticator codes (requires a browser extension)
  • Company applications that support SAML

Over 7000 websites and 100s of SAML applications are supported. SAASPASS will autofill and autologin the right credential - including Authenticator codes - for those websites that are shared (browser extension is required). In addition, for SAML based applications you can share all the rights and privileges of that account.

This is especially useful for sharing securely websites and services like Twitter and Facebook with third parties like advertising agencies.

Access to these services if from the web SSO or the Single Sign On client. Access to the web SSO or client is provided throught the SAASPASS mobile app or security tokens that include the HOTP/TOTP formats and FIDO U2F protocol.