The Cloud-based Two-Factor Authentication by SAASPASS



and much more...

SAASPASS provides two-factor authentication-as-a-service and secure single sign-on for your cloud applications with numerous ready integrations and adapters that involve NO coding. Our game-changing Admin Portal makes provisioning and on-boarding and management of your employees security a joy to work with.

  • Login Instantly
  • No More Manual Typing
  • No More Password Resets
  • No More Static Passwords
  • No More Password Policies
  • No More Password Strength
  • No More Password Complexity
  • No More Password Remembering
  • Security Everyone Will Love Using
  • More Secure Than Static Passwords
  • Randomly Generated Passwords Always
  • Two-factor Authentication Made Magical

SAASPASS provides the easiest to use and most convenient two-factor authentication system and utilizes all the capabilities of modern mobiles to provide an amazing user experience. This is the one authentication system that is actually easier to use than traditional username/password conventions and much more secure. In addition, SAASPASS offers the easiest on-boarding for end-users and employees, with a number of self-service features as well to make the life of admins less of a headache. And to top it off SAASPASS offers a great admin portal to manage all the end-users and employees in an easy manner with advanced reporting capabilities built in for analytics and auditing purposes.

SAASPASS offers a passwordless world with strong security running in the background and allows people to log in with just the presence of their phone instead of manually inputting annoying text.

With SAASPASS, you can secure cloud applications like Google Apps account (Gmail for business) or Dropbox for Business account, or multiple enterprise on-premise applications with amazingly easy to use two-factor authentication.

SAASPASS offers all the benefits of cloud-based systems and tremendous cost-savings alongside SaaS ease of use. SAASPASS outlines integrations for numerous cloud applications and streamlines employee and customer onboarding. SAASPASS also helps companies meet compliance requirements.

All of the attendant problems of on-premise clunky authentication systems are resolved with SAASPASS. There is no legacy software, no cumbersome upgrade cycles and no external hardware to manage.

The classic on-premise two-factor authentication systems have traditionally been a burden to manage, onboard and use. In contrast, the SAASPASS mobile app is so simple to use, that everyone will actually want to stay engaged and secure.

Give SAASPASS a spin and you will have all your colleagues thanking you for getting rid of passwords!