Banking & Finance

Financial institutions must authenticate employees, recognize clients and transfer payments securely. As banking evolves, stay up-to-date with SAASPASS security.Read More


The healthcare industry must manage patient confidentially in tandem with modern technology applications in the cloud.Read More


Security and dependability are particularly important for government and public sector actors. Secure solutions are essential to maintain public trust.Read More


Technology companies with cloud-based platforms need modern solutions. Implement dual network, two-factor authentication in-office and within your product and keep developing the technology of tomorrow.Read More


Efforts to improve online gaming and compliance with regulation requirements increasingly revolve around authentication. Secure your world with SAASPASS.Read More


Secure your students with SAASPASS. Regulate access to enrollment records, send student files and manage small or large payment transfers with SAASPASS.Read More

Professional Services

Businesses care about clients. Secure your clients by authenticating and transferring files with the strongest professional security on the market.Read More

Utility Providers

Utility companies provide essential services like heat, clean water and communications infrastructure. Services that people depend on cannot be left to chance. SAASPASS can secure authentication for both client facing applications and internal enterprise solutions.Read More


Publishing companies can implement two-factor authentication to secure websites, applications and data in the cloud. Whether you publish online or in print, two-factor authentication with SAASPASS secures new words and works in progress.Read More


Authentication is a serious risk for ecommerce businesses to manage. Implement two-factor authentication with SAASPASS to simplify site interface, convert customers and safeguard your reputation with strong security.Read More