SAASPASS has managed to revolutionize the security space by upending the historic tradeoff of security and usability. Many an academic paper has been written on this subject (see the visualization), and many a conference has revolved around this quandary. We as humans are driven by convenience and the security folks were rightfully driving us towards complexity. Finally SAASPASS has cut the Gordian knot and dumped password complexity and security nuisances like security tokens and keyfobs into the dustbin of historical novelties and engineering delights. We are proud to serve you with security built with you - i.e. humans (and we firmly believe that employees are humans as well)- in mind and abstract all of us from all the complex engineering that went into it. Let's spread the word.

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The Team Behind SAASPASS

Howard A. Schmidt

Chairman of the Board

Oliver Ring




David Price

The Brothers Karamazovtas

Howard Schmidt is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAASPASS.

Howard Schmidt is the former Cybersecurity Advisor to Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, as well as having served as the Chief Security Officer for Microsoft Corporation and eBay.

More info is available at Howard Schmidt's White House Bio and his Wikipedia page.

Oliver Ring is a founding board member of SAASPASS.

He was the Global Head of Structuring at Credit Suisse and has been an extremely successful banker and is an attorney by training. He is currently enjoying free time he never had before, to advise and guide the SAASPASS team, as well as to travel the world with his children. He also enjoys coffee. In addition to being fluent in German, he manages to speak Swiss Deutsch convincingly as well.

David Price is a sounding founding board member of SAASPASS.

The movie Up in the Air could have been modeled on his travel schedule, although George Clooney beat him to the punch. David has over a decade of experience working on a range of private equity transactions in the US and Europe with a particular focus on TMT and Healthcare investments. David is an Executive Director of Clarity Informatics, a UK-based Health Informatics company and a founding director of Principal Global Solutions, a London-based private office providing commercial consultancy services to some of the world's most affluent individuals and their companies.

David is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, and completed his post-graduate degree at the London School of Economics.

Selahaddin Karatas, CEO and co-founder, graduated from Wesleyan University in Middletown,CT. He had begun dabbling with computers, programming and games in the early 80s with the Apple II Plus, Sinclair ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and of course the Atari. In the early 1990s, in the debut of mobile telephony, he headed product development at a leading European telecommunications company Sonera (now TeliaSonera) helping bring to life many first ever implementations of mobile innovations that preceded the App era. He later founded a consultancy for mobile application development, before anybody had even heard of apps (the awful telco dominated era). SAASPASS is the implementation of his vision for strong, easy to use authentication security. While not drinking coffee at The Creamery, he enjoys playing around in cryptology, encryption, communication protocols, satellite transmissions and embedded systems.

Fatih Karatas, CFO and co-founder, followed his older brother Selahaddin to Wesleyan University before joining the financial sector in New York City. Fatih later very successfully managed a multibillion-dollar fund with UBS in Zurich. His fund was the only billion dollar plus fund of funds from any bank worldwide, to generate positive returns in the 2008 crisis. Based on this success, he was hired by a major family office in 2009 to help manage their global investment portfolio. He left in the summer of 2012 to develop and build the groundwork for SAASPASS.

Omer Karatas is a co-founder & the VP of Sales of SAASPASS. He also converses in Mandarin (although he had a massive migraine while learning it) and finished his masters in Asian Studies and International Relations. His undergrad was in History and no he didn't attend Wesleyan as well. He loves Indian food and disruptive innovation. His passion for the Mediterranean passes that of Lord Byron. Thinks that the 'hustle' is essential to closing a deal.